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TITANIC First Class Experience BYOB

OCTOBER: SAT 7th, WED 25th 6:30PM

Service Description

DESCRIPTION: Everyone knows TITANIC. Weather you watched the romantic movie, been to a museum, or simply read about it online. Titanic inspires millions around the world. The secrets, the design, sinking and food. This class is meant to bring you back in time! Experience handpicked dishes served in one of the à la carte restaurants on board. We will make 3 course dinner. Dimmed atmosphere, music from Titanic era, private dining tables with all things needed for a fun experience. Come in and assemble 3 dishes from scratch at your private cooking area then sit down at our restaurant style seating area to indulge into the night. BYOB allowed. Want to dress up? - well you can! What will we make!? **Appetizer**: Potted Shrimps - Delicious garlic - white wine - dill bread, luxurious spice sauce and fresh cucumbers. A luxury dish served in the CAFE PARISIEN on the Titanic. This appetizer can be substituted to chicken instead of shrimp. **Main**: Sautéed Chicken Lyonnaise - A luxury chicken breast in a 1912 Roasted bourbon sauce with garlic and fresh aromas. This is a truly a unique and spectacular dish served in one of the à la carte restaurants on the Titanic. Served with white wine chateau potatoes. (The alcohol evaporates while cooking.) **Dessert**: The Imperiale - Imperial dessert with chocolate French gold infused pudding, cappuccino pudding and Our classes only held about 12 participants per class. ******DISCLAIMER***** Please specify how many people will attend. For any additional questions please inquire to: TEXT: 203-823-8315 EMAIL:

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must not exceed 24h. There will be $30 cancellation charge if cancelled less than 24h in advance.

Contact Details

  • 5601 Corporate Way suite 101, West Palm Beach, FL, USA


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