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Titanic First Class Experience

JUNE: MON 3rd, SAT 22nd, WED 26th 6:30PM Experience the Luxury Theme!

Service Description

Welcome to the night of TITANIC! Titanic's 4 restaurants served world class food. In this class we will Explore some items from the Palm Courts Restaurant from the upper decks of Titanic exclusively reserved for the First-Class passengers only. Walk into a Theme decorated room to resemble fine dining along with music from 1912. Want to dress up? Go for it. WHAT WILL YOU MAKE: Appetizer: ''Cognac Shrimp'' - Can be substituted to Chicken. Cognac shrimp is a luxury dish from the 1910-1920's era. It features cognac luxury glazed fried shrimp, with a luxury sweet and sour sauce. This dish will make you feel Fancy! Main Dish: ''Potatoes Lyonnaise & Imperial Chicken'' - Marinaded chicken breast in a Parisian Wine. Fried on a garlic oil with fresh herbs and an exclusive sauce de crown (light spice) served with Potatoes Lyonnaise- a luxury version of lightly fried potatoes with garlic, truffle and onion. Oh- la la ! Dessert: ''Parfait de Eclair'' - Eclair parfait featuring French wine yogurt, dark & milk chocolate crown pudding and whipped cream with mocha powder and edible pearls. Above Dishes suitable for all ages.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must not exceed 24h. Cancelations will receive STORE CREDIT if cancelled less than 72h prior.

Contact Details

  • 5601 Corporate Way, West Palm Beach, FL, USA


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