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Love in Paris - Theme Night

February: SOLD OUT Luxurious Valentines

Service Description

Welcome to Love In Paris. Walk into candle lit FANCY French Inspired interior. Sit at your own Fancy decorated Dining table and cook at your own cooking station. French music, French food, French decor - cannot get more Romantic than this! Explore the luxurious flavors of the French Cuisine with 24k Gold glazed dessert, alcohol infused food and magical atmosphere you won't forget. WHAT WILL YOU MAKE: Appetizer: ''La' Luxe'' - a Luxurious French Onion Soup. Fresh onions sauté in French cognac butter in a fresh chicken wine broth. With fresh herbs, and amazing luxurious aromas. Served with Mozzarella garlic bread with herb glaze. This luxurious take on this soup will run you at 50-EURO a bowl in prestigious French Restaurants in Paris. Main Dish: ''Pâtes De Luxueuses'' - Luxurious Vodka sauce with choice of perfectly cooked garlic Shrimp and Crab mix or Just Chicken. Fresh garlic, herbs and mix of amazing aromas will make you fall in love with this outstanding 5 STAR dish. We can guarantee this pasta is definitely unique! Dessert: ''Roi Des Rois'' - King of kings dessert. Served during the French Empire. 24k edible pure gold glaze, fresh caramel fudge, and vodka vanilla luxury creme. Topped off with whipped cream.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must not exceed 24h. Cancelations will receive STORE CREDIT if cancelled less than 72h prior.

Contact Details

  • 5601 Corporate Way, West Palm Beach, FL, USA


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