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*Cleopatra* - Ancient Egypt

JUNE: FRI 23rd 6:30PM

Service Description

DESCRIPTION: Cleopatra -Ancient Egypt: Have you ever wondered what did the Ancient Egyptians eat? You would be pretty amazed to find out that the ancient dishes weren't as different as you might think. In this class you will recreate some of Cleopatras dishes that were eaten in her Palace on the island Herakleion by the shores of Alexandria - Cleopatras favorite city. This menu was carefully put together to recreate what history left us! Walk into a dim lit interior, with dessert sounds for the ultimate immersion to the past. WHAT WILL YOU MAKE: **Herakleion** - Rice and chicken balls fried with herbs and white cucumber sauce glaze. This dish according to some historians used to be a staple for the Pharaohs. **Cleopatrion** - One of Cleopatras favorite dishes. Done with upmost dedication to resemble old times. Chicken in a cumin pepper glaze with onions and herbs served with a side of cauliflower mash and red cabbage carrot mix. This dish in unlike anything you tried. **Pharos** - Ancient Egyptians love to rice puddings was endless. This dessert is a rice pudding with oats and fresh watermelon.

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Cancellation must not exceed 24h. There will be $30 cancellation charge if cancelled less than 24h in advance.

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  • 5601 Corporate Way, West Palm Beach, FL, USA


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