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CAPRI - Italiano

JUNE: WED 5th, TUE 18th, FRI 28th 6:30PM Explore the flavors of CAPRI.

Service Description

Welcome to CAPRI! Italian cuisine without pasta! Enjoy the fresh flavors of Capri Island. BYOB, dim lit, Italian experience. WHAT WILL YOU MAKE: APPETIZER: ''Zuppa Di Salsiccia'' - Bowties, fresh chicken champagne stock, fresh herbs & garlic. This soup will make you want another bowl. Served with Pesto, mozzarella, butter garlic bread. MAIN: ''Sogno Toscana'' - Choice of Shrimp, Shredded Lobster or Chicken (or mix). Delicious creamy sauce based on cream cheese, mozzarella, Italian white wine, fresh sundried tomato pesto, garlic, tomatoes and fresh herbs. This pasta is outstanding. DESSERT: ''Capri Parfait'' - Vanilla creme, coconut creme, fresh fruits and delicious chocolate!! **Dishes suitable for any age. Alcohol evaporates 5 minutes into cooking. Usage of alcohol in this recipe is for the flavor**

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation must not exceed 7 Days for full refund. If need to reschedule we allow free rescheduling withing 24h prior the event.

Contact Details

  • 5601 Corporate Way, West Palm Beach, FL, USA


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